Booth Studio – Blending artistry and efficiency :

Artistic inspiration means every project has a captivating freshness. The technical capability and years of experience of each of our staff translates into each job done impeccably with bottom line savings.

Herb Booth – Creative problem solver :

From concept to the end result, Herb’s goal is to understand and respect the needs of each customer and produce images that exceed expectations. Herb Booth photographs both within his 4000 sq ft studio in Sarasota Florida and in various locations throughout the United States. Herb Booth has over 30 years of experience in a broad range of subjects, including food, large and small products, medical, corporate portraits, and architectural commissions from residential custom homes to large corporate hotel franchises. Along the way, Herb Booth and Booth Studio have worked with an equally diverse selection of clients, from corporate CEOs on location to creative art directors. The goal at Booth Studio is to take a subject or service and capture a vision with the camera that is not only exceptional and compositionally correct, but displays the best message.

Digital Graphics Services :

Booth Digital is a high quality photography and graphics studio. Let our digital graphic specialists help you with your next project, either graphic design, photo restoration or printing. We can scan, restore, enhance and color correct any photographs for print and/or the web. We also produce large-format prints for your salesroom, event, tradeshow or exhibition.

Fine Art Copywork & Reproduction :

Our fine art copy reproduction is among the highest quality found in the industry. Original art is analyzed for color, contrast and density. Our digital technicians ensure the final image matches the original artwork giving you the highest quality copy reproduction. All items with a copyright or studio identification will not be copied without written permission from the copyright holder.

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