Digital Services & Graphics :

Booth Digital is a “one-stop shop” for all of your digital graphic service needs. Our digital artists can be the solution for that small scan of a photograph for the internet, or the production of large-format graphics for your salesroom, event, trade show or exhibition.

Large Format Prints :

Our digital imaging department produces photographic quality on a large scale. We print on artists canvas, watercolor paper and a beautiful sunset satin paper. Our inks are a hybrid mixture of color dye and pigment inks designed to last up to 35 years.

Lamination & Mounting :

Varieties of laminates and mounting substrates are available for all display needs. (Samples available)

Digital Manipulation :

Old photos which are faded, folded or marked can be restored.  Originals are scanned up to 8.5″ x 11″ or copied at a very high resolution which can be printed and saved as a digital file.  Retouch and manipulation (Photoshop) includes blending two photos and lightening, removing objects, changing colors and a multitude of technical or creative choices.

Slide Scans and Copywork :

High resolution RGB scans are fast, more economical than drum scanning and are great for internet use. Slides or negative film in 35mm format can be scanned into the 21st century for the digital age.

Fine Art Reproduction :

Fine art copy reproduction is among the highest quality found in the industry. Original art is analyzed for color, contrast and density. Our digital technicians ensure the final image matches the original artwork giving you the highest quality copy reproduction. All items with a copyright or studio identification will not be copied without written permission from the copyright holder. Fine Art can be printed on Satin paper, Canvas or high quality Water Color pares. All inks and Papers are archive quality.

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